Safire Consulting creates and delivers experiential workshops in which professional services companies, groups and teams can learn and practice engagement skills. Drawing on behavioural research and sound psychological principles, these foster open and constructive communications, deeper client relationships and enhance client wellbeing. They also lead to more purposeful, engaged, meaningful, profitable and - best of all - enjoyable workplaces.

Safire was created by Bernie Bolger and Hadass Segal, who drew on their individual backgrounds (Irish and South African) for the unique name (SAF, for South Africa and IRE for Ireland). The logo shows a traditional Irish claddagh ring, a symbol of connection, loyalty and love, with an African sapphire gem, symbolising clarity, potential and beauty, inside it.

Hadass Segal

BA Law, Psych, English (Cum Laude) Masters (Ed.) Masters (Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Hadass is a corporate trainer and psychotherapist with a thriving private practice and a love of learning and teaching.

After studying psychology and education, she attended New York University’s Film School and spent 15 years as a journalist and screenwriter. Career highlights include working on McLeod’s Daughters, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald ‘Good Living Guide’ and creating documentaries and drama for SBS, the ABC and Discovery Channel International. She shared her love of stories by teaching screenwriting at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS).

Hadass then moved from the world of fictional people to embrace the world of real people. She retrained as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and has experience working with clients from various backgrounds dealing with unique challenges.

Hadass has a Masters in Education and a Masters in Psychotherapy. In a diverse career that spans a few decades, she has worked as a lecturer, copywriter, journalist, screenwriter, director and producer, employing both new and traditional media. She has many hours of produced TV, interactive films and short films to her credit.

She currently brings together her experience in Psychotherapy, Screenwriting and Education by developing and implementing innovative experiential workshops with Bernie Bolger.


Bernie Bolger

B.Sc. (Pharm.) (Hons.) MPS MPSI AACPA; Dip. FS (Financial Planning); Masters Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy; Voc Grad Dip. Family Dispute Resolution (pending)

Bernie arrived in Australia from Ireland twenty years ago. Two years after she arrived she bought her first pharmacy and for the next fifteen years Bernie was a leader in the pharmacy retail business. Against all the odds, she was the first woman in Australia to own a chain of pharmacies.

Much of her success she attributes to the relationships and emotional connections she built up with her customers. It was these relationships which enabled her, in the space of a couple of years to build up a multimillion dollar business and ultimately resulted in her being a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards.

However on discovering her true values she knew that the insane juggle of kids, work and family which her life had become had to change. She sold her pharmacy business and turned her attention to helping people in a way which aligned more with her values.  Today she divides her time between her family, her private psychotherapy and mediation practice and designing and presenting experiential workshops for the corporate world with Hadass Segal.